Monday, July 27, 2015


If you have considered writing a book review on Amazon in the past, please re-consider it!

I'm looking for feedback, and especially if you are considering writing a good review!

This is an opportunity for reader / author karma, and should not be overlooked!

My last review was only 2 stars, and I am looking for better reviews!

So please consider writing a review of one of your purchases of books by

Nathan Larkin Coppedge
Philosopher, Artist, Inventor Poet

One of the originators of Hyper-Cubism and the creator of a very deserving philosophy involving objective knowledge and avant-garde diagrams, etc.

Here is my Amazon page, where you can find the individual books to review (almost all of them should be there, with one or two exceptions out of 55+ books):

And here is a link to my academic articles:

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