Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quotes (End of July, 2015)

Updated with several more recent quotes from closer to the end of the month.

“Nothing is meaningless to the perpetual traveler”

"The formula of the known is not the same as the identity for change, although sometimes they swap operators while living amongst statues" ---Nathan Coppedge, July 2015. Related to higher-order logic.

"Identity, it strikes me, is to a huge degree an open-ended concept. There is nothing about identity which says that it does not oppose itself, or that it did not adopt some difficult obscurity for its realization. From this type of principle I arrive at the idea that identity is universally exceptional." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Dimensional Politics Toolkit

"Things like language proliferate, and with them, a wide variety of logics----or other, far more obscure terms. If we are too enmettled to realize this, at least it serves the value of our complexity." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Dimensional Subjectivity Toolkit. Duplicated in The Dimensional Anthropology Toolkit. Attributed to Posterity, a goddess.

"Concerning universal anthropology: To the dimensional sense of the person, the central motif appears to be satisfaction, or some variation on it. Species that do not develop satisfaction are purely logical, and easily manipulated." ----Nathan Coppedge, The Dimensional Anthropology Toolkit

"To trace the exact path, amongst so many promises, has a twinge of the animal. Until the hypothetical researcher realizes that the process concerns the immortal, the animal will be concerned with the researcher, without knowing she exists". ---Nathan Coppedge, July 2015

"In my experience, success is always about universalism." ---Nathan Coppedge

"A chain-of-events that makes a subject out of experience is still an objective application, where the experience consists of objects." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Perfectionism is the typical missing link for the history of dialectical critique, and ignoring it brings grave dangers of circuity." ----Nathan Coppedge, Genius Correspondences

"The blindness of God is merely the absence of a spiritual dimension of existence, which can be determined arbitrarily by the mere choice to pertain or not to pertain to the higher dimensions." ---Nathan Coppedge, Genius Correspondences

"Where politics does not realize paradise, artificial answers will continue to impinge."---Nathan Coppedge, Genius Correspondences

"The bounded Cartesian Coordinate System relates to Einstein’s relativity... [T]hat does not appear to reduce it to randomness --- but rather, democritization". ---Nathan Coppedge, Genius Correspondences

" 'What occurs when the symbolic boundary is crossed diagonally?' I have asked this question again and again, and the answer largely appears to be the emergence of a new system. While in other conceptualizations the result would be failure, I see no reason to believe that the other attempters gave any consideration to the just criteria" ---Nathan Coppedge, The Dimensional Metaphysics Toolkit

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