Friday, July 10, 2015


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James R. said...

hiyo. I didn't go to school to get my masters/ph.d in philosophy and I am waiting for somebody to tell me that I am an idiot so that I can stop working retail and get on with my life! So...unless somebody refutes my giggly philosophy then I will have to keep on going forever!

I saw that you have metaphysics in your interest-group thingy. I write some of that. It is short and to the point. I just wrote something recently...very recently...

Come if your bored to my blog.

If this wasted your time then I am as sorry as someone would be if they interrupted your time!

Nathan Coppedge said...

Sure, I'll check out your blog.

Nathan Coppedge said...

If you came to me, clearly you do not want to quit philosophy, although you may want to try something less professional. Working with my own tools, I can wonder as to whether you want to be even more coherent in your work. There are intriguing beginnings, even almost omegas of insight in your work. I would tell you to be even more clear and condensed (since you are already so clear and condensed), except that might make you feel more like abandoning the project.

My initial reaction is: do you take philosophy seriously? And if so, is that a good thing? There is a small chance you are supressing some more vital urge than philosophy. But more likely, you are a kind of philosopher on the verge of some new project.

All of this is my initial reaction to one of your writings, the first that I have read. And I can say, my impression is quite positive. If anything, you can work to identify your best ideas, and if possible work them into a more coherent system or in other words try to apply them as a science or reach more insight about human behavior or the metaphysical nature of the universe.

None of this is intended as harsh criticism. I suggest that you 'play around' and see where your thoughts take you. And, at some point, you may wish to establish a list of your best ideas, as I have recently done for mine. Is it possible that you have gained some inspiration from my "Mini-Opus"? I mean this purely for curiosity's sake, as your ideas are clearly your own.

Nathan Coppedge said...

Dear James R. yet again, (developing and re-iterating earlier themes...)

I have read a few more of your writings, and I think there is no necessity for you to stick with your old feelings and old vibes, if something new is new and striking to you.

You do, however, have a talent for what is most frequently called post-modern writing, and at least one piece "On Systems [etc.]" could at first (say, the first three or five paragraphs, at least) be mistaken for a classic in the post-modern tradition.

Take heart, you have some talent, and knowing that you have talent, you should feel on top of the world enough to engage in the epic struggle for positive meaning.

But if not, I'm afraid you will eventually be disappointed with your own writings.

The simple explanation for this is that negative vibes eventually seem like bad writing, after practicality, even when talent lingers there originally.

But right now, hope is not lost, and I think you have far more potential with your work than almost anyone I have ever seen.

Look for a blog post on my blog soon (around the 6pm on July 11th, 2015) abbreviating your best ideas and expanding on them. I hope you are not insulted.