Thursday, July 2, 2015


A unique concept of qualified writing.

How to Build a 21-Dimensional Universe
Qualified: <[May require new concepts eventually]>

1. 'May require new concepts eventually' is by convention a lazy definition, which means the work is serious. For example, The Bible might have a lazy definition, such as <[a book of luck]>. The subtext in the description is subtle. It means: 'God, create a new universe'. Same for the Bible, although the Bible requires divination and typically does not say it's lazy definition overtly. Of course, it could be open to perspective, depending on one's ideological affiliations. Buddhist scholars tend to be good at lazy definitions, whereas Satanist adolescents are bad (but sometimes inspired). That's the gist of it.

Symbolism, Linguistics, Sidereality, and Acoletics
[Unfinished Work]
Qualified: <[The cat lived and died. My father was lazy]>

1. 'The cat lived in died' means original mathematics, or more perfect than the decimal system. E.g. a concept of how all numbers lie between the reversal of 9 and 6, potentially related to theology.
2. 'My father was lazy' means the work was inspired by God, but imperfect.

Nathan Coppedge's Concise Dictionary / Thesaurus
[Unfinished Work]
Qualified: <['Sublimely different' / ideas of reality]>

1. 'Sublimely different' means it evokes meaning in an original way, qua dark language.
2. 'ideas of reality' means there is original thought, but unless the 'i' is capitalized, they are not necessarily all great ideas.

Lessons in Perfection
Qualified: <[Witch Doctor]>

1. 'Witch Doctor' is a high qualification for both content and language, generally both content and language within every piece of content. This requires infinite patience and bold precision.

|[A little bit drunk on water]|: Officiatory trial.

|[popeyed and crazy]|: Master within a stroke / Test of patience / Secondary masters.

A Metaphysical Variable / Metaphysical Variablism
Qualified: <[bonus for meanings]>
Metaphysical: (Variable: (Meaning))

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