Thursday, July 30, 2015


How many have wondered how easy it would be to combine the taste of the aesthete with the spiritual acumen of the yogi? There is an opportunity here: an opportunity for combining an opinion about objects with minimalism and a genuine lifestyle.

Here are some examples of Aestheticureanism:

1. A painter decides to wear paintings on his clothes.

2. Someone lives inside a museum for cheap, wearing self-cleaning clothes.

3. Van Gogh eats his paint. Someone invents edible finger paint.

4. Someone makes a museum where all the floors record the footprints of people who walk there, like a light-box.

5. Someone decides to feel artistic about doing something completely ordinary, like standing on the side of a stone wall, or taking a photograph.

6. Someone decides that although they went to the museum to paint, it is really about food.

7. Someone decides 'This is a particularly intellectual sculpture!'.

8. Someone decides to roll a large coin down the street, to see where it lands.

9. A man walks by, swinging an ancient Chinese coin on a string.

10. A child balances a long stick on the fingers of one hand.

11. An adolescent man decides to make his own imaginary menu.

12. A couple has sex and decides to learn Chinese.

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