Thursday, May 7, 2015



Quietly flaming herbs and trees that are pleasant to the touch.

Virginal existence.

Unstructured time.

An undamaged brain.

Absence of pain.

A variety of intellectual materials to work with.

*Writing / books.
*Magical mirrors.
*Pens / wands (‘technology’)
*Interesting substances that interact with thought (‘not too much of an obsession’)

A small palace in the middle of a sprawling garden.

Four-dimensional or higher ‘significances’.

Ability to protract life with ease.

Magical goblet or fountain, nothing inebriating (epic quest if one desires that, but a rule against perpetual temptation).

Many subtleties of imagination.

The ability to dream at will, and return at will.

Peaceful magical arts.

A peaceful way of life.

More complex elements than ordinary. For example, tree bark that sings metallically, and puzzles made of a metal that conducts thought.

Ambient weather and magic.

The ability to enchant objects by committing mental powers to them which in turn control complex elements.

Curvaceous, modular ceramic construction of the key elements of the palace (see picture), supplemented by a metal that doesn’t become cool and a wood that doesn’t become hot.

Important: naturally-growing herbs that grow in an attractive fashion. Things similar to lavender and basil in particular, as well as aromatic flowers and cinnamon trees. Only some of these may have higher-dimensional properties, in particular in response to observation.

No need to use the bathroom (plumbing is too much of a requirement on space, and taxes the mind) Possibly a spirit-form with a magical power to sense and lift objects. In this way, my living space could be a translation of a lower-dimensional space used by more physical creatures.

Numerous comfortable places for dreaming in. Not always sleep, but comfortable rumination. Comfort can come in many shades, many hues.

An absence of anger and destruction, perfect for creating creativity and abeyant magic.

Dark things that are significant, similar to plums, ink, and dark water. Intellectually potent, but not excessively threatening.

No way to drown, bleed, or become unconscious.

An extended landscape defined by the imagination.

A physics that supports perpetual machines made of brass or some more advanced metal. A new type of religion, which belongs in gardens.

If women emerge, they do not bleed, but excrete watery substances. Limited temptation for attachment. Temporary relationships, if any at all. Iconoclastic independence. Any semi-permanent bonds are formed based on mental commitments which are understood to change from time to time, like serendipity and flux, which comes like good weather.

Hair grows by free-will, if it grows at all. Perhaps only stones grow hair.

No way to get burned or frozen. Fire is pleasant, and ice is rare, perhaps used as glue.

Deep memory permits teleportation and time travel within the space, so far as that is recordable. It might be more accurate to call teleportation a way of remembering other moments in time. Time travel occurs when one’s memory of the other moment is strict and perfect, and one is unattached to the future of that moment.

Sufficient interest in ideas, preserved from past lives. Devotion to the good things stems from this.

Colordoor (depicted): a model of ascendence can be introduced called Colordoor, which features casual paths to follow which signify specific types of ideas, initially based on the (complex) elements, but finally transforming into mechanical, valuistic, subtle, and mysterious elements. This is made easier by implementing changing colors over some of the same doors, while also showing an upwards or elemental progression (e.g. more cliffs, more wind, more waves along with more intellect, more perfection, more inward-searching, etc. But almost always preserving the small palace).

Some general correspondence between the character of the mind and the properties of the world. The mood is the weather.

Ability to fascinate oneself with small things, such as the texture of a stone, besuiting an immortal life, with some compromise towards being gradually distracted from distractions, providing sufficient intellectual impetus.

No pollutants, nothing dead, nothing addictive, nothing both strange and bad, nothing that causes age (wisdom instead), nothing that appears dirty or dead or ugly or without virtuous reason, tempting.

Rocks and trees stand in for the age of the mind and body. These less conscious things communicate the irrational wisdom of their impossible state. They are the soldiers in comparison to peaceful existence. But they are not called soldiers. That is part of the mystery, perhaps. And it is an unbroken rule. But there should be no sense that a rule needs to be broken. After all, every state in this world comes about through a cosmic kind of preference and justice. There is no tolerance for mere finicking and stupidity.

If anyone has children in this world, they have a will of their own, and quickly explore and isolate into their own spaces of paradise within the world. There are endless numbers of destinations is a rule which must hold fast. The more people / wizards / wisemen / spirits the more spaces, destinations, grottoes, and cities emerge. Cities are brought together by a will, rather than a necessity for common space. Dream-travel explains the momentous difference between living with and without company.

Physics in this world occurs through aesthetic justice, elemental intrigue, and magical freedoms. Additional law is provided by the mind, and any previously-decided laws made by an authoritative mind at some time. Laws may have domains which refer to their appropriate bounds of sensibility, often the location of people, objects, and auras (or else ruminations), which are allied with the peaceful practice of the specific laws.

In deciding the nature of this world, deference should be made to Taoism and Zen Buddhism (without use of weapons) and Feng Shui, since these theories embody an aesthetic sense of justice.

In no way shall the elements of this universe be modern, without qualification. Every dimension of character is a dimension that must be mastered before it officially materializes. I argue that modernism is not an easily mastered subject. It cannot be acquired arbitrarily.

At no time in this world should an expense be contracted on a soul. Nothing in this world costs money. Treasure merely glorifies God and other entities. Treasure is merely prospective magic, or magical mythology, a lesser form with greater scale.

The wizards / spirits / wisemen / nymphs / witches of this world will be allowed to keep attributes of language to themselves for the purposes of decorating their person with memories, songs, ruminations, impressions, and charm serving the purpose of preserving their justified self-concept stemming from the justified self-concept of the overall world, as it gifts the persons in their own preference.

That each creature / being of this world has a sacred memory which preserves the most relevant things for each person from the categorically recent past to the categorically relevant future shall be held fast.

Powers of time travel, immortality, aura magic, and with greater difficulty, strict elemental magic, shall be discoverable properties within the world. This will prevent newcomers from over-committing unless they are wise.

Symbols in this world will be highly qualified symbols with a typological order of significance. For example, Oroboros represents recursion, the cross represents categories, and horizontal lines represents equality and fundamentals of various levels.

A painful death will not be necessary to reach this world for those with prior experience in many of the subjects. This experience may involve aesthetic experience (imagination), magical experience (proven powers of magic), wisdom or justice (particularly Epicureanism and the study of mysticism), and interest in other sublime subjects such as symbolism, gardening, and exploration. In particular, a division will be made between people who have imagined this specific world and those who have imagined a world which is more compromised in its virtues. Those with greater compromise will not be made direct participants, but may still benefit by the universalism of its materials / and/or principle of non-expendability, in a directly uni-directional manner, but with a rule against any detraction (or ‘hollowing’) of the original experience.

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