Tuesday, May 5, 2015




WATER ---> ATTRIBUTES --> CREATION: In theology, the fine art of creating one’s own spirit is a subtle, emotional art, that is more complex than subtlety and which grants more essential powers than attributes. Activities like creating art, having children, or crafting an object can have more importance than the things which are created, when there is no spiritual compromise.

FIRE --> TECHNOLOGY: Essentially complexity.

ANIMATION --> TIME & KNOWLEDGE: Understanding key powers, in particular time, can grant knowledge which goes beyond simple understandings of God, chemistry, etc. This spiritual view, favored by the Illuminati, embraces causation, but in an altered, spiritual sense. Spiritual causation explained by time goes a long way towards bridging the gap between experiences and powers. In some ways however, this was just an extension of animation in which time was the explanation.

WISDOM: Avoids destruction. It is the first practical form of spirit.

CHARACTER: Emerges from creating the soul. Aims to be wise. Way to achieve Godhood.

PERFECTION: The object of wisdom.

DIMENSIONALITY: Extends perfection.

Taken from a section of my future book, titled: The Dimensional Universalist's Toolkit, in a section called "Spirits".

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