Saturday, May 30, 2015


These are some counter-intuitive techniques which aim to assist anyone in becoming closer to the immortal path.

(1) Make little bets with yourself about what something means. It could be whether you look at a car passing, or whether you choose to smile or eat a snack at a given moment. If it turns out one way, you decide that it has a given result. So you use it to hone your willpower. Not only that, but you use it to gain motivation about what you can really achieve. You can tell yourself, ‘my smile means immortality’ or ‘when I eat this snack, it’s for a good reason, so I’m going to make some achievement’. Instead of being completely flexible, apply principle now and then, and use it as guidance for the long-term.

(2) See your own past as something that was infinitely old, and your future as something moderately young. This will allow you to justify endless good health. Life is not a sacrifice or something idiotic, but rather an endless struggle to regain lost wisdom, by becoming young. Youth will provide a platform for the infinite quest that is required.

(3) By your own definition, try to be lucid about your entire life whenever possible. This involves seeing through the mists of time that enshroud your life, and making some predictions about what will happen to you, and what your life means. This will make you relatively wise compared to people who do not do this.

(4) Do small things to improve your health incrementally as time goes on. By this logic, if you are infinitely old, you will definitely be infinitely healthy! Use this logic to convince yourself that you will never die, or at least, when your health leaves, it was a robber who took it, not someone giving charity.


(1) Don’t Make Evil Bargains. Obey your best principle. Your soul or sense of self-motivation is the deepest underlying principle related to you and your life.

(2) Practice Virtuous Health. Health is the best kind of karma, because you get the reward immediately. I am a deep believer that when you are healthy, others are healthy too. Don’t believe appearances about others‘ sickness or sense of well-being. Trust improvement in your own life, and only when it improves!

(3) Have Principle. Creating laws to live by --- that you really believe in --- can make a difference for your perception of time and the prospect of immortality.

(4) Mix Ingredients in Your Mind. Practicing a little mental chemistry can make a huge difference in the long-term. Remember, its not about drugs, but your own sense of self. Even if you don’t notice results from your thought process immediately, remember that where you have a principle, you can improve eventually! Where you have headaches, you may later have happiness! Where you have blunt emotions, you may later become vibrant! Miracles are possible with a good brain!

---excerpt from The Dimensional Immortality Toolkit, now available HERE ON AMAZON for only $12.99 USD. (c) 2014, 2015... Nathan Coppedge.

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