Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dimensional Improvements


Essence: Cause
Extent: Limited (Point)
Corruscation: Return
System: Mote
Entity: Dots


Essence: Information
Extent: Infinite, Limitation (Sphere)
Corruscation: Repetition / Puzzle
System: Cartesian Coordinates
Entity: Glyphs


Essence: Matter
Extent: Infinite, Defined
Corruscation: Variance / Exploration
System: Modular, Collapsible
Entity: Men & Women


Essence: Meaning
Extent: Infinite, Changing
Corruscation: Variation, Completion
System: Logic-Form
Entity: Gods


Essence: Practical
Extent: Formal
Corruscation: Essential
System: Methodic (Coherent-Systematic / Modular-Variablistic)
Entity: Citizens

Someone might counter that God already invented everything.

But then again, God might jsut as easily be a delusion as the idea that dimensions could be designed by a man.

Thus spoke saint devil. Saint devil saved us from the war. Saint devil is no more. But after that, the people forgot what saint devil did. And new faces began to fulfill the image as a reality. Maybe the president. Or a perpetual motion inventor. As absurd as they were, they had the specific virtue. Of saint devil. And what is natural law, other than words, anyhow?

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