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These are the dominoes that fall, unless you can see an exception:

There is apparently a choice between purpose and free will, if purpose must be determined. So either purpose or free will must fall.

Purpose or Free Will -->

When purpose or free will falls, we do not have both purpose and free will, so ethics falls.

Ethics -->

When ethics falls, larger purpose fails.

Purpose -->

When larger purpose fails, self-determination no longer makes sense.

Self-Determinism -->

When self-determination does not make sense, definitive agency is gone.

Definitive Agency -->

When definitive agency is gone, knowledge no longer makes sense.

Knowledge -->

When knowledge no longer makes sense, absolute knowledge is impossible.

Absolute Knowledge -->

When absolute knowledge is not possible for anyone, practical knowledge is unworkable.

Practical Knowledge -->

When practical knowledge is unworkable, the only type of perception left is a glorified perception, a perception devoted to happenstantial pleasure which could be gone at any minute.

Un-Glorified Perception -->

When only glorified perception is left, rationality must also leave.

Rationality -->

When rationality is gone, reason is certainly gone.

Reason -->

When reason is gone, logic is gone.

Logic -->

When logic is gone, mathematics dies.

Mathematics -->

When mathematics cannot be trusted, nothing can be trusted.

Trustworthiness -->

When trustworthiness is gone, the world as we know it is gone.

The World as we Know it -->

When the world is gone, we cannot even be radical.

Radicalism -->

When we cannot be radical, we do not have values in a rational sense.


However, madness remains. Thus, even reason must be a form of madness. This leads to a conclusion that madness is universal and ignorance is contrived.

This procedure has been partly modified from a conversation with Justin Grey.

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