Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pro Perpetual Motion, According to the Critics

"Sometimes someone comes up with an idea that is against consensus opinion and seems crazy, but actually works. Look at Einstein, for example. If someone is prepared to spend years working on a theory, we should at least listen to it if it's put forward politely as this was."---Simon Derricutt

"...ditch the cardboard, make some proper rigid setups with believable measurements, and improve your video style".---Tinsel Koala

"One of Nathan's arguments made sense to me : 'There is at least one loophole, called the problem of proportionality. If a system can make special use of geometry to find a special efficiency in the way objects move, then physics laws might be moot, because there might be "hidden exponents".' - In my structural engineering terms I would phrase that : 'Give a structure a degree of freedom without causing collapse and utilize that free degree in such a way as to do work'."---Hafsteinn Hafsteinsson

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