Sunday, April 26, 2015

Con Perpetual Motion, According to the Critics

"Sure, Nathan, but is gravity a conservative force or not? If you can prove that it isn't, after you publish your peer-reviewed paper, you'd best start packing for Stockholm, because a Nobel won't be long in coming. On the other hand, if it is, then you're fooling yourself--no matter how complicated you make the path a mass follows, gravity is still a conservative force and you gain nothing." ---Asterix

"So SHOW the exceptions; the video does not do it."----ngepro

"You seem to be confusing power with energy." ---Asterix

"Your video is so bad that it's almost impossible to see the level and certainly not good enough to see where the bubble is. But that hasn't stopped you from continuing to repeat the same nonsense over and over. Balls do not roll up hill against gravity by themselves, end of story. I'm no longer going to stroke your ego" ---Disillusioned Guest

"The second [video] is too dark to really see what you have. The others here are right in telling you to build it better and you will learn from doing that." ---Temporal Visitor / guest

"Oh, please, you have got to be kidding me. That level is a _line level_ and a cheap one at that..." ---TinselKoala

"It's worth noting that I could build a system that appears to do this with the aid of a few hidden solenoids, sensors and a power source so a video of this happening is again only the start point of replications and achieving a consensus that it really works for everyone."---Simon Derricutt

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