Friday, February 13, 2015

Life Status Update...

I'm currently taking a Math for Liberal Arts class at SCSU.

This is the last math class required for my philosophy degree.

Still a little bit nervous about the Biology / Chemistry / Physics requirements.

Last time I took Biology I developed an illness. Requirements should really not be so strict for a philosophy major. I would write more philosophical books if I didn't have a Biology requirement hanging over my head (Biology made its way into the 3rd volume of the Dimensional Encyclopedia, although if I could sustain a more advanced concept at the expense of practicality I might have devoted the third book to exceptions or metem-physics). The current concept is good, however, as it allows a psychological angle, as well as some coverage of harder sciences like Economics and Mathematics.

Still visiting my mother sometimes on the weekends. Money from Social Security for my schizophrenia disability. Living in a nice apartment in New Haven (with subsidy). Have nice potted plants (including one remaining lavender plant) and my own bathroom, washer, and dryer.

Looking forward to future productivity, and eventually finishing my degree. I'm almost halfway done with my college courses now. There's some clear space on the horizon. I'm thinking of avoiding graduate school. Taking this long, its as if undegraduate is enough. I'd probably get fed up if I took it a little further. Then again, professional philosophy requires a PhD, even if I remain unemployable.

Working on phenomenology toolkit currently. Some say its outmoded / outdated, but I think it's a viable category because it deals with a really important issue: life's phenomena. Only with this fresh approach should phenomenology every have been considered, except as an analysis of deep concepts from psychology, formalism, or metaphysics.

So, things are okay. I'm not depressed. But I'm going to a clinic on Orange St. which requires me to attend group therapy, which is really annoying, because nearly everyone else there has a nasty cigarette habit. Very annoying, very maligning of my still orders. If I regain my sanity, I won't have to deal with the garbage-y personalities at the clinic. Maybe motivation is all I need.

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