Sunday, February 22, 2015

I've been feeling

miserably sick for a day or two. Recovering enough to probably go to class on Tuesday.

Recent news includes the following:

*26 Mind Seals found for the Dimensional Spell-Casting Toolkit (it may be published early, but given a high volume number). I may eventually publish a separate, cheaper book exclusively of Mind Seals. The concept is based on a writing from a rare / out of print book I bought called The Blue Cliff Record, detailing a 'Buddha Mind Seal' involving certain words with a hidden magical formula.

*Snow in New Haven, but it's finally getting warm again!

*I got a 97 on my last math exam. It's my last required math course for the philosophy major. So, my mood would be improving a lot if I weren't sick. Or, maybe it does anyway.

*I published Sublimism: Sublimist Art, Architecture, Morality, and Poetry. This is to supplement my other art book: Nathan Coppedge's Hyper-Cubism: Post-Cubist Drawings and Paintings. Essentially, not all of my art fits into the Hyper-Cubist category. Some of it is sublime instead. Otherwise, there are some others that are not high quality enough to meet either standard. But most of those are at least a little bit Hyper-Cubist. So, in theory, Sublimism might be a more difficult standard of art.

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