Thursday, February 12, 2015

Flux Aeterna

Via Gerald O'Connell: example of excellent manifesto writing...However I am perplexed that most of these types of movements have a slightly negative vibe (the concept of 'flux', nihilism, or opposition, for instance). Perhaps it simply amounts to individual differences which are observable from the outside, or perhaps my own work has secrets which are not contained by aesthetic or the primary intellectual theories... This, however, is a writing from Gerald O'Connell, which could inspire dimensionism:


"...There are certain mathematical patterns that are of great fundamental simplicity - basic expressions of quantity and extension. They can seem to act together as a kind of motor for being, always in flux, shifting, ticking away beneath the veil of the physical. They are independent of categories like mass or time. Any graphical representation of them must be totally ambiguous as to scale, appearing at once as both cosmic and microscopic. In such maps there can be no
objects or things, only the shadows of action or the trajectories of potential."

See more of his project, which includes some metaphysical style artwork, at:

I am also re-posting this at the Dimensionist group, since it is very similar thinking, perhaps even an unconscious inspiration for elements of my philosophical work.

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