Monday, February 2, 2015

First Sign that I Live in a Different Reality

The tent I burnt up when staying at my mother's friend's yurt is miraculously in fine condition.

Apparently I time traveled or something...

My sister Jessica is staying in it on her travels across the country.


Me: "Remember, I burnt the tent when I stayed at Lauri's"

My Mother: "Who is Lauri?"

Me: "Lauri Martin!"

My Mother: "Oh"

Me: "Lauri Martin's yurt"

My Mother: "We never burnt anything at Lauri Martin's yurt"

Me: "Then I must come from a different reality"

My Mother: "Yeah, that's possible. You come from another reality"

This kind of shift is what I call an 'altimatum': a point where things cohere to decohere. A period of profound knowledge narrows reality until it comes to a synergism, and then becomes deflationary. (Cool!).

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