Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dimensional World Module 1

1. Complexity is texture.

2. Texture is a kind of information in the dimensional world. See Systemo.

3. Perfection is substance.

4. Entities can levitate through isometry.

5. Subjectivity is the coincidence of perspective, granted appropriateness.

6. Entities exchange abstract properties through hyperbolics.

7. The correspondence of internalized descriptions determines aesthetic meaning.

8. Perfection is a rule of complexity, and vice versa.

9. Quests include whether perfection is subjective, and whether complexity is individual (creating leisure and purpose).

10. Meaning and enjoyment are natural---both urban and cultivated.

11. If there is a shortcoming, it is the shortcoming of virtual worlds: a way in which the original, inherent needs of occupants were ignored or overlooked.

12. Consequently, pleasure should be guaranteed, unless pleasure can be explained and justified by visual content.

13. Economics is not competitive, but meaningful and explosive like the big bang.

14. Everything is meaningful, unless it results in questions to the interface.

15. Knowledge in this world is exponential, and its only degeneration is the finitude of the coinci-stantial.

16. In essence, a meaningful world, with real values (objects, hence aesthetic rules of physics).

17. Ethics is far more material, and meaning far more evidential, in this world.

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