Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Story of the Invention of the Tilt Motor Perpetual Motion Concept

This is a story the details of which some will doubt. I was in a cafe in 2006, that much is certain. The cafe was called Koffee, and still exists on Audobon St. in New Haven, CT. This was before they served wine on the weekends. It was not so upscale back then. But it was still considered a quality cafe. Some of the patrons were artistic or floating between academia and joblessness.

On this occasion in October 29th I was wont to spend late nights at the cafe (I think it was my attraction to girls), and this night was no exception. I began to feel a peculiar kind of listlessness, a listlessness that I intuitively knew should be accompanied by some incredible idea. So, feeling the hands of fate upon me, I began swiveling my empty coffee cup (actually, I was drinking tea, but that's what they're called), I swiveled it around several times on the table.

'Alulekah!' I said ('Let there be light').

What I had thought of was a horizontal wheel which would receive a similar cylinder, engaged by what else but levers, which would do what? They would extend the slope of the swiveling track behind the motion of the rolling cone!

Voila! What would be my most verifiable perpetual motion concept for seven years.

Later, when I got locked in the restroom overnight, I had the feeling that I time traveled to the previous morning.

The cafe girl told me it was still the eve of mischief night! Apparently someone more greedy than me had stolen my entire future, perhaps hoping to out-do the inventor.

I then re-lived the whole event over again, this time with greater confidence. Apparently, I had 'overclocked the system'!

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