Sunday, January 18, 2015

Statements of the Reincarnation of Ann Bolyn

"When I traveled from France I had a thought that I was a little witty. Not very witty, only a little bit witty. When I got to the king, he did not think this was very funny. He got very angry, and we tried to commensurate it in bed. But I got to joking about how his piscin was very small, and he got to thinking that I had a roll in the haycart down the lane. It was a big mess. He thought the best thing was to be off with my head."

"I fondly remember the king. I loved him, and he loved me not. Not enough to keep my bonnet on. What I remember are the good jokes, But, I'm afraid, no one thought I was witty enough to keep my head. They wanted to throw the book at me."

"Do you really think my spirit SINNED? Then let's call it: the spirit of sin of Ann Bolyn! But you don't believe in that, do you? It will come to pass! You will get your way!"


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