Saturday, January 31, 2015

Secrets of Sanity (As Best I May)

Also known as 'secrets of sanity for the sane'...

Things I learned while washing dishes...

Four A's

1. Accept problems.

2. Optimistic Approach

3. Honest Appraisal.

4. Avoid schisms.

If you accept problems, you will have mental energy.

With an optimistic approach, small problems can be overcome.

Honesty allows you to convert optimism into clarity.

If you can avoid the feeling of schisms, you also won't be schizophrenic.

A lot of errors occur through economic differences. Others occur because someone is doing something wrong. According to legend, life would work if we only knew how to do it. But there is no quick fix if we are part of the problem. We can't just reject ourselves, so we need to promote our own values. If others disagree with our values completely, and we're incapable of change, then we're done for. But usually its not that way. Usually we are part of the problem. But the solution is to promote our own values, or change our mentality.

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