Thursday, December 25, 2014

Recent Nathan Coppedge Quotes, as posted at

"I found a system without math!"
- Nathan Coppedge (2013).

"Representational reality is virtual reality."---Nathan Coppedge (2014).

"Preferring subjectivity over death is still absolutism." ---Nathan Coppedge (2014).

"[C]ompleteness. It was the most outrageous fact - - the kind of fact some authors have mistaken for death." --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Somewhere beyond the exercise of the imagination...was an outer boundary...Every question appertained to it." --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"The symbol of everything belonged anywhere". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Metaphysics granted me that all were variables". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Practical advice was the domain of a scripted set of perfections". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Imagination could live there if it's whole point was not to be dangerous. But the merest hint of adventure, and the mind would snap, and the subject would not longer be practical".
 --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Not only practicality was perfect". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Nihilism was the conviction that a person was no more than a value". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Successful religions are subtle annihilations- -the apocrypha of nihilists... Successful people use value as neutral currency, in this sense becoming profoundly immoral". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Imagination can be a force of politics when it is seen that it is imagination doing the computation". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Perhaps, I thought, I was having an absurd religious experience". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"[I]t was a representation, so it was a polytheism". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"I was now a politician of the meaningless. The sort of person who has meaningful things to say..." --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"And sometimes EVERYTHING is what people need..." ---Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"The sages are full of advice about doing nothing. It is often better than doing the wrong thing". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"[W]hen I think of the practical, I think of returning to EVERYTHING..." ---Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"We can't get everything merely by being practical, and hence, we can't get practicality merely from being practical". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"Practicality is inevitably a simplification". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"If the task is difficult and ordinary, then chances are, there is someone who can say that it involves a ‘special technique'. If there is no special technique available, it is either sacred knowledge, or you're supposed to delegate the task to someone else. If you cannot delegate, and you don't think it's sacred knowledge, and it doesn't involve a special technique, then you know that Fate will step in, for better or worse". --- Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"To avoid mediocrity, it is important to delegate". ---Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"[O]nly the trickiest, most intelligent people seem self-sufficient...They have learned to depend on other people's minds instead of their bodies. They have raised the standard, and climbed on top of other people's backs. Only by being dependent have they begun to look independent". ---Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)

"[Concerning the higher life...] it is partly because they're delegating about their fate, and their sacred knowledge is a special technique". ---Nathan Coppedge (The Techne,2014)


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