Saturday, December 27, 2014

I got a score of 22 at GSOHI,

whatever that means... (maybe luck, maybe random)

Supposedly it's a scam, but at least I scored better than any of the results for a guy who boasts that he filled it out at random.

I'm not completing my membership, but here are the results for amusement:

You have passed the Global Society of High Intellect (GSOHI) IQ test and are now eligible for an official membership of our prestigious society. 

Please Note: Passing this test means that your IQ is better than 95% of general population which is a sign of unmatched brilliance. [It says this for scores of 10 and 16 as well, for some reason, according to one report]. Passing the GSOHI IQ Test is surely a significant achievement for you and the certificate will improve your academic and career prospects not only in your home country, but also internationally.

Below are your test scores:

Cumulative Score = 22.00

The most notable thing about this is probably that I got an invitation by e-mail...

For those that want further amusement, I recommend my earlier somewhat serious post on 'God's I.Q. Test' / 'God's I.Q. System'

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