Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hypothetically, God's I.Q. System

based on an article I wrote about exceptional reality. The theory is that God is really relaxed, but has an impossible standard in which everyone passes a little, and no one passes completely. So this test scales to all levels of reality. It includes God, it includes devils, it includes the most fantastic intelligence, the most absurd folly, and the most divine wisdom. It includes all instances of success and failure. Here it goes:

The Over-Easy Ontological I.Q.

The lower score the better

Authentic Authenticity
Rating of 99.9

Contingency of Authenticity
Rating of 99.6

Definition of Authenticity
Rating of 99.3

Authenticity of Contingency
Rating of 96.9

Contingency of Contingency
Rating of 96.6

Definition of Contingency
Rating of 96.3

Authenticity of Proof
Rating of 93.9

Contingency of Proof
Rating of 93.6

Definition of Proof
Rating of 93.3

Divisions of Authenticity
Rating of 69.9

Divisions of Contingency
Rating of 69.6

Divisions of Proof
Rating of 69.3

Divisions of Division
Rating of 66.6

Divisions of Definition
Rating of 63.3

Definitions of Authenticity
Rating 39.9

Definitions of Contingency
Rating 39.6

Definitions of Proof
Rating 39.3

Definitions of Divisions
Rating 36.6

Definitions of Definitions
Rating 33.3

Falsehood Divided From Reality
Rating: 33.2

Undivided Whole
Rating: 33.1

Rating: 22

Rating: 11

Rating: 1

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