Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Historic Deaths


This 32-page work introduces causes of death throughout history, beginning with the city of Ur, and extending into the early 21st Century. Concise and full of quasi-magical insights, this piece stands as one of the great possibilities for recovering from historical misfortune. The end note attributes the writing's intelligence to the Goddess History.

From the Introduction: "I thought, perhaps I will write about the moment that science discovers that it is God, because Eucaleh discovered it in a book of medieval deaths… Here is a treatise I researched through my interests in immortality, time-travel, and magic, subjects of later volumes of the Dimensional Encyclopedia. Enjoy this perverse work, and how it arranges life’s privileges chrono-logically!"

The book was written in a day, making the aspects of reference cohere marvelously and with lucidity.

This text is available for purchase on Amazon HERE.

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