Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Updated Books

All of my books are print-on-demand, making it much easier to update everything.

Lessons of the Master, by Master Kuo (pseudonym): Completed the life of Master Kuo, from start to finish. I now consider it to be the 3rd Edition.

Story of Master Wu, by Master Kuo: Additional details about the end of Wu's life, spanning an additional 10 or so very short chapters, leaving the book at 200 pages. It is now the 2nd Edition.

Nathan Coppedge's Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory: Has updated sections on theories.

The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit Re-Issued Edition is supposed to now contain several additional methods as well as several possible sections that were accidentally removed. But don't buy the e-book edition if you want the updated version, because there's no guarantee that they updated the e-book version.

The Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit now has excerpts from the Kirkus review on the back cover.

The Book of Uniques has a number of added images.

Modal Dimensionism had a typo corrected.

One-Page-Classics obviously is in a new edition, from the previous 1-Page-Classics, which was less searchable on Amazon. The new edition has an updated Eternal Song that is less like something from John Milton.

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