Friday, June 20, 2014

June 2014 Philosophy Quotations by Nathan Coppedge

"Action is the norm of action"

"Excuses are a type of exception"

"Without contingencies there would not be exceptions"

"[I]t is unfair to say that an organism is nothing like an argument"

"[T]here is no certain boundary between values and causal process"

"For, if someone becomes extinct in a modern society because of a lack of supreme advancement, where they could live a longer life in a more primitive society with poorer values, then they are supposed to prefer the primitive society, but they do not! They always prefer the more advanced society, and yet this is precisely how they become out-moded! On the contrary, how they achieve advancement is by being historically primitive."

"[E]volution is value evolution"

Quotes come from my article "Refutation of the Teleological View of Evolution" as well as an unpublished project called The Dimensional Learning Module.

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