Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Book of Paradoxes: Including Problems Encountered in Nathan Coppedge's Philosophy


This author has authored numerous philosophical books. In this brief treatise, questions of knowledge are broached through the lens of twenty-four compound paradoxes. The fields covered by these writings are broad: theory, metaphysics, ethics, and systemology. Coppedge’s thesis is that all problems reduce to essentialism and causality. Solutions are proposed to a line of paradoxes which lead to the paradox of essence and cause. Finally, a kind of solution to essence and cause is provided. Also included in this book is a valuable list of problems discovered by the author in investigating the realm of philosophy, even beyond paradoxy.

The book may be found on Amazon HERE.

Update: up to 19th from 28th in a search for 'book of paradoxes' on Amazon books.

Also 363 for "paradoxes". Oh well.

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