Saturday, May 17, 2014

Possible Evidence Against the Recent Invention of Categorical Deduction

Two prior sources may or may not show that categorical deduction is a new method invented by Nathan Coppedge in late 2012. As posted at the dimensionism group on facebook (one recently added from Iris Murdoch) as well as some weak supporting sources from Wikipedia:

"If an affirmation is true, then its denial is false; if the denial is true, then the affirmation is false" [This is mentioned in passing, with little elaboration, in Avi Sion, Future Logic, Chapter 3.4. Axioms of Logic, B. The Law of Contradiction]. 

"It's unconscious or transcendental 'spontaneity' is perhaps to be conceived figuratively upon analogy. We can attempt to give sense to the idea, as we extend and modify the conception of a barrier or network (or set of 'schemata')..." ---Iris Murdoch, Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals, p. 309.

"The function f is real-valued if and only if the Fourier transform of f is Hermitian. The function f is Hermitian if and only if the Fourier transform of f is real-valued" ---- Wikipedia, "Hermitian Symmetry".

And some would say the so-called Semiotic Square represents categorical deduction, but actually it does not.

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