Saturday, May 3, 2014

Odd Facts Gathered During Life / News of the Universe

A mother named Miriam, like the dictionary.

Policemen with intricate mechanical things.

Paddleboats. And it's not Disney Land.

Salad for breakfast.

A church-keeper who looks like God.

My brother draws a creature named Pacal, which has a human-like intelligence.

Someone wrote a play about a disabled person who gained a high I.Q.

Some geniuses study history.

Pretty girls work in the theatre department.

The internet appears in my dumpy high school.

My college offered me a job designing a magazine.

College class goes to a Buddhist church for a field trip.

Coherent philosophy can occur through opposites!

Madness doesn't involve losing consciousness, but sanity involves less creativity.

Jewish couples can kiss randomly.

My mother relents, and we go to Annapolis, even though I don't want to join the Marines.

Books can be written about economics as if its the Humanities.

Wittgenstein didn't teach college.

The second concept of zero.

It is possible for a human being to found an institution.

Socrates didn't write.

I am a chocoholic.

It is theoretically possible to earn money from an idea...

Some books are not yet written: combine a few words, and you might have an original idea.

Women are good communicators, and real people at the same time.

We can choose how much we think.

I can have influence.

My Dad really cares about me.

Progress involves sincerity.

I might be popular, and not know it.

Zombie bees not being very aggressive.

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