Saturday, May 3, 2014

Interface Euphoria 8.0

Future Virtual Reality interfaces could benefit from a response system that psychologically judges responses to any given choice of words. I have put some thought into this, and I find some are much more optimal than others. The effect can be technical, enjoyable, or stimulating. These can be used to generate lines of inquiry and categories of associations. In some cases the words are translations of an optimum / optimal translations. In other cases the word simply captures a value which adequately responds to the initial term. In the below options, I give 'relief' preference as a universal desire.

Such as:

"Voices" --> "Complexity"

"Ingenious" --> "Doctrine"

"Evil" --> "Novel"

"Logic" --> "Format"

"Graphic" --> "Location"

"People" --> "Birds"

"Movies" --> "Love"

"Terror" ---> "Beauty"

"Malevolent" ---> "Machiavellian"

"Genius" --> "Process"

"Number" --> "Set"

"Sublime" --> "Canoe"

"Service" ---> "Order"

"Relative" ---> "Absolutes"

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