Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ideas on the Forefront of Reality

Some may be disappointed by a list which is potentially out-moded by more modern functions, or which seems too technically-burdened to make a difference for ordinary existence. However, I hold that the following items are not only not outmoded, but metaphorically interesting, and relevant to the future (although that future is assumed to be technological).I am expanding this list gradually to supplement one of my present or future book projects.

           Meta-Function: The ability to select better forms of any given thing, by any given standard.

           Auto-Function: The ability to get minimum holistic function with no more input than basic preferences. Culled from the best information.

           Inherent Realism: The ability to fulfill depth-of-function requests at will.

          Complex Colors / Complex Anything: Being able to know that standards can be applied (or are automatically applied) to make the fullest use of categorical variety.

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