Sunday, April 20, 2014

Little-Known Principles of Perpetual Motion

With actual publicity, there is a chance it has already been invented.

It is as likely that the laws of physics are changed, as that they are not.

Magical power may long ago have been incorporated into physics, if it ever existed in the first place. Physics might be more than magical, unless it is an illusion. For magic is said to be not very real.

Slavery might be one of the worst enemies of innovation, for it takes away from leisurely tinkering. And he who does not know defeat is not likely to be productive either. Therefore, perpetual motion is subject to a vast exception.

To achieve perpetual motion, what is necessary is ramps that sustain altitude. It has not been disproven, except in the case of a weighted wheel. In fact, it is obvious that ramps in themselves sustain altitude! This is an interesting principle, for evidently the ramps are unbalanced, on average, for the weight can roll to and from a location, with the same average altitude. The majority of locations in the rolling motion do not require energy to move!

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