Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best Psychology Quotes by Nathan Coppedge

"If there is an ultimate secret, it may be called 'difficult' " ---The Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide for Intelligent Children

"The correct  approach is to find a variable which does not represent a set of assumptions at all, not a blind variable, or a test variable or an organic variable in the sense of clinical cases, but instead a variable that is dynamic enough to itself define some of the context of the analysis...First, the variable will be independent of a subject’s emotions. Second, it will be defined relatively to exist in any context that could be described---it is universal. Thirdly, there is some criterion for determining that it exists. It must exist as a hypothesis. Fourthly, and most importantly, the criteria that determine that it does not exist must instead determine that it is modified". ---Psychology of Negative Variablism

"Creative tests have the advantage that those that do not value the results may find the test to be a negligible contributor to their intellect, whereas those who value creativity may consider the tests to be encouraging and influential... This aspect might amount to a kind of double-blind quality evaluation". ---Debatable Vs. Debatability: Towards a Product-Based I.Q. Test

"Clearly psychology at this point exists in three senses, none of which relate to Freud or behaviorism: [1] Mental information, [2] Effective technologies, and [3] Thought-implementation. In these senses there is a new willingness, as a function of the dependence on computer interfaces, to express functionality explicitly by terms of words like ‘enhancement’, ‘technicalism’, and ‘artificial’. What’s more, these words no longer connote some aspect that is amalgamated ad hoc, as an exterior meaning to personality, doctoral authority, or functional identity. Indeed, more often than not it is seen as a skill or talent any time some aspect of identity DOES NOT depend on the technological". ---New Dimensions of Psychology and the Media


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