Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best Philosophy Quotes by Nathan Coppedge

"Functional systems are formats of zero" ---The Epiphanic Wisdom (not yet published)

"Categories are the standard of standardization" ---The Epiphanic Wisdom (not yet published)

"The definition of an opposite is really a contingent set" ---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

"The amelioration of jagged potencies is really the second a system of typology it may be called by its more obvious name: The Second Zero, the source of significance" ---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

"The ideal aperture is with miscellany"---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

"Metemphysics [non sic] involves the materialism of ideas"---Metemphysics and the Philosophy of Concepts

"Coppedge's Law of Iteration: The quality of data increases in proportion to exclusivity" ---The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

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