Friday, February 28, 2014

Recent News in the Life of Nathan Coppedge

*Nov. 10, 2013: Built an over-unity device. More devices HERE.

*January- February 2014: Published 8 books so far this year:

       How to Write Aphorisms
       Masterful Zen and Sufi Koans
       Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory
       The Lessons of the Master: The Story of Master Kuo
       The Ninesquare Notebook
       Poems by God
       Tractatus of Dualities
       God's Tractatus

Primary author page:

*One further book awaiting publication:

     The Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit (pending review, one month or less until publication)

I also have new editions of the One-Page-Classics and Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit through Amazon publishing, instead of Authorhouse. The printing is lower quality resulting in a lower price for the paperback, but the e-book is more expensive because I standardized the prices for my recent books (paying for a label, basically, but most of my books are only available through Amazon publishing).

*Father had a TED-x lecture on democracy and social science: Link HERE.

*I was cited in BookForum.Com, in a googlerank-6 blog: HERE.

Lessons of the Master

Lessons of the Master, by Master Kuo, is my account of a possible prior life as an escaped soldier who influenced Bushido.


This book describes all the diabolical events in the life of Master Kuo.
The themes of this novella make it appropriate to be used as a mature or gifted children’s story, or adapted as a graphic novel.
Master Kuo is supposed to be known for a number of things, such as, swinging a coin on a string, contributing to the invention of the Yin-Yang, and founding Bushido. However, for the sole reason that he looked like an ape, he has been overlooked by history.
Like many of the other erstwhile soldiers of ancient China, he was in some ways a fake, but in other ways completely authentic. And unlike some of the others, he made a name for himself, through his particular genius for history-making.
For this book alone, the author is known by that singularly unique name, Master Kuo. His talents are not to be underestimated.

The book is available for less than $10.99 from Amazon HERE.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nathan Coppedge in the News

Book Forum quoted me on Sophology:

"This movement did not yet exist on wikipedia, so I decided to start it myself"

The quote comes from my article, "The Manifesto of Sophology".

Monday, February 17, 2014

I am trying to attract visitors

to my rather real and successful over-unity experiment.

Visible on Youtube:

And AcademicRoom.Com:

My main perpetual motion website may be found at:

My perpetual motion book can be ordered at:

It is also available as an e-book for less than five dollars. But I still don't know if they appropriately rotated the diagrams from their print form.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Progress in Para-Logic and Mathematics Toolkits

I have added some of my recent essay materials to two future book projects.

The "Manifesto of Protocritical Mathematics" was added to the appendix of the Dimensional Mathematics Toolkit. "Metemphysics and the Philosophy of Concepts" was added to the appendix of the Para-Logician's Toolkit.

This is not the only progress I have made in the Dimensional Para-Logician's Toolkit recently. This morning I was up all night and added the three categorical modules, plus Irrational Arrays, and a so-called Qua-Axial Method, which supplements earlier developments.

I hope eventually interest in other volumes of my encyclopedia will attract people to Para-Logic also. It has some valuable things to offer.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Review of Old Blog Entries and Essays That Might be Worth Visiting

Also check out my Art Page, and Perpetual Motion Designs.








To browse articles, visit: or

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Typical day

Writing, napping, Starbucks wifi, webstats, waiting for my nursing agency to open the lock box for my medication. The service was arranged years ago when I got in trouble for trespassing during a schizophrenic episode.

Some book sales recently.

I was feeling discouraged between Febr. and May of last year. But I've made a number of e-book sales since then, perhaps even more than I expected at the former rate of affairs.

It's only handfuls presently, which is less attention than I think I deserve. But popularity is increasing. In a subjective world, there would be oodles of alternate titles. But in the book market as I find it, I'm pretty unique.

For those that happen to be visiting my blog and haven't seen my new Trivia page, I recommend it:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Enjoying My Break

I feel slightly less ill than before. I still have stomach complaints and feel a little heavy on my feet.

My mother is encouraging me to return to school at some point.

Meanwhile, I've published another book, the Designs & Theory that visitors to my website may be familiar with.

I'm still alive, just no longer sure that I'm fit to finish college.