Saturday, June 29, 2013

Epiphanic Formula Drek #1

Public relates to introspection as it relates to contexts of modular architecture and applied reference.

The euphesia (a concept between eudaemonia and phronesis) of public interface is a conjunction between either introspection and modular architecture, or introspection and applied reference. In the first case, euphesia is public the way introspection has private interface. In the second case, euphesia has an interface the way introspection has private publicity.

Here are options:

< Interface is determined in the second case to be a mental interface, and mentality determines the structure of buildings and applied references. This is a highly systemic view, but has interesting brokerage with structure in that structure becomes informational.

< Interface in the first case is public euphesia. And in this case, structure determines the nature of introspection and modularity. In this case, the result is a relation of spirit and space.

Combining the two results, we have spiritual spaces determined to be informational.

So either, in some sense, data determines feng shui, or spiritual program determines data.

Ideas: Info-shui, Hyper-church.

Now it seems there is a prerogative to add concepts of information and spirituality to get further results.

System-weather combines with dynamic existentialism.

Dynamic weather combines with systemic existence.

Applications-divination combines with variablistic evolution.

Variablistic-divination combines with applications evolution.

Accessory form combines with programmatic exceptionalism.

Programmatic form combines with accessory exceptionalism.

Archetypal psychology combines with casual politics.

Casual psychology combines with archetypal politics.

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