Saturday, June 8, 2013

Brief Dimensional Guide to Improving Virtual Reality

Sometimes it seems like I spend half the year brainstorming on virtual reality. It's certain a prevalent metaphor these days, although I don't have many projects related to the subject. I have decided mostly to keep the virtual with the virtual, which is naturally what happens anyway. Although I have had concepts of combining electronics with Starbucks to equal public interface (beyond public networks). Also, there have been articles posted in various places about the concept of gamification, which integrates nicely with the borderline between the virtual and the physical or actual.

Here are some concepts for improving virtual reality, interface, and electronic games:

Creativity: Designer tools for philosophy, gaming, graphic design using standardized functions.
Powerful Functions
Expanded function for unique objects, emotions, and affiliations, also based (originally) on customizable parts and powerful functions.
Locations that parse tools or associate inventories, for the purpose of designing new tools, part of the general tool-making production.

Tailoring / Uniqueness (scenario editing).
Switch-Out / Integration with Reality.
Conceptualism: emergent functions, emergent objects.
Special platform landscapes for introducing new principles.

Tolerance: How to make bad things work.
At Home: Bee-hive of preferences, local designer locations---e.g. attached to person.
Ritual Planning: Customizable Ambiance Way-Points with an Arbitrating Function.
Curatorial computing of significant objects / information could integrate with education.

Interpreter of Avatars (Sophisticate).
Interpreter of Locations (Architect).
Interpreter of Information (Psychic).
Experimenter who purposefully combines avatars, locations, information for various individual's benefit (Theorist).

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