Saturday, October 20, 2012

4-d in 2-d Without Formal Structure

Compare the earlier example of an animated hypercube with the example of dynamics evoked in a 2-d surface: here patterns amongst lines may give a hint about how to extend a hypercube into a dynamic four-dimensional realm (that is, a world of objects); To a conventionalist viewpoint, some of the effect may seem like magic; Or am I hallucinating?

If you have trouble, try imagining a cube suspended within that space; Ostensibly dramatic 4-dimensional effects could be created in 2 dimensions within some specialized cases; See for example, my art which depicts a dynamic drawer: Dynamic Art Example. It really seems to click and slide.

Another example, outside of graphics is the phrase "there is no wall in my eyes that keeps me from swallowing the voices of birds": it evokes birdsong in the mind.

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