Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free Hyper-Cubism, Maybe the Next Picasso

For those that don't know, I've been giving away free artwork at a cafe in New Haven.

Jojo's cafe has been the only cafe to allow me to do so. I try to give thanks to the owner as often as I can.

I've already given away over 100 artworks in the last year or so. The project will continue.

Many young women, including several Yale students have framed my artwork themselves.

In some ways its been the most inspiring activity of my life.

According to U.S. law by the way, artwork is an exception to the rule, it IS IN FACT LEGAL TO RE-SELL THE WORK.

FYI: It's value may grow.

Current major collectors include Gail Hardin (a former neighbor), and my father. There are others, but I'm terrible with names. Someone should make a list of the names and numbers of the artwork and who owns them. There are (at least) dozens. And I still have a big folder full. I produced three or four good ones today.

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