Monday, February 5, 2018

Quotable Quotes Feb 2018

"The only way to communicate is in general to overclock the system." ---Nathan Coppedge

"After this you should think why not a golden age it could be cheap." ---Nathan Coppedge, Coupon Culture

"One way is to look at people's obsessions. A few generations ago,PCs, laptops, and smartphones had to be an obsession to mean anything. Similarly, even twenty years ago, communication of the laws of physics was by rote or involved the authority of a large university. If we look at the implications, the ironic message is that several (entire) generations of the smartest people have not been noticing simple mechanics or philosophical genius—instead they have been focused on futuristic things and electronics. And I (born in 1982) have attempted to take advantage of this… So, although it may be that it is too late for the old people to learn, each succeeding young generation has the opportunity to learn that new discoveries in basic mechanics can still be made, and new philosophical revolutions can still be born. So my message is: 1. The Millennials continue to miss perpetual motion. 2. The Millennials are one of the most omniscient generations, but perpetual motion is a real practical idea. 3. The older generation is the most authentic generation with electronics, and therefore ignored both perpetual motion and omniscience. 4. What the old and young have in common is their hate of perpetual motion, but that is a worthless attitude. 5. Omniscience and perpetual motion are more useful than ever before." --Nathan Coppedge

"It moves up and down from rest with all moving parts. Wheels do not move up and down from rest. Therefore, it is more efficient than a wheel. Therefore it is perpetual motion." --Nathan Coppedge, The Simplest Argument for Perpetual Motion

"They thought I was rare because they thought I was valuable, so they thought I was gambling, so life was random, so there were political problems, so I developed a disillusioned view of life: how is this avoidable? We can go nowhere if we do not affirm merit. And merit is either / or, so we may as well grant it because things are worse off if we don't, because merit is valuable. Merit is a thinking tool." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Critique of Metaphysical Culture

"Everyone who has self-reliance has a lot of resources, because its impossible to succeed without resources. Self-reluance isn't really self-reliance. Women value self reliance because they like men who have no problems. But that is not really self-reliance, that is a foobob. Self-reliance is a foobob. Its either creating difficulty, or its really easy. I tried to achieve easy difficulty because it seemed like the answer. Someone else might have an easy time because they have many resources. If someone survives without many resources, that is difficulty, which is not what is meant by self-reliance. Or they have resources of another kind, which is still resources. Being a madman who barely survives is not self-reliance unless it is a kind of foobob. Men don't like foobobs, they like living well." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Critique of Metaphysical Culture

"It is necessary to have great ideas, because ideas have value. I need to have exceptional value, because I am a human being. It must be admitted that a life bereft of ideas can never absolutely be valued. At least, it would be a waste, unless it were insubstantial or had ideas. So, ideas have substance." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Critique of Metaphysical Culture

"A great idea is truly great, and so it is any big idea that could perform some amazing function. And so there is not much to do except to create objective knowledge and perpetual motion." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Critique of Metaphysical Culture

"Many people have the attitude that there are no exceptions, which is the same thing as thinking that no one is exceptional.
But this is the same thing as denying the thinking man, for if anyone is exceptional, inasmuch as they are exceptiinal, they will be leagues beyond all competition. Even in ratios this is remarkable. So it should be basic metaphysics to acknowledge everyone is exceptional, and that someone is extrenely exceptional in every known area, maybe even in unknown areas. Then we cannot hold that there are no exceptions. It is closer to the truth that exceptions are all there are. If we deny exceptions, this runs against the idea that humans have resources, which in turn runs against the idea that we are not crazy people barely surviving in the wilderness.
Maybe desperation is a romantic metaphor, but it does not explain modern existence.
When we recognize people are exceptional, we should recognize they have resources, and we should therefore recognize that what is exceptional is far ahead of the competition.
And so, we should not deny that if there is a thinking man, he is far ahead of the second and third thinking man, even if we don't know him and place others ahead. We can likewise confirm that thinking in general is exceptional, and that true human existence is truly great, as it concerns ideas that have value, since human life has value. Nevertheless, we should not argue that any resemblance of human life is not good, as this would deny the resemblance between a mere resemblance of human life, and a human life which is exceptional.
In fact, in the affirmation of human life, we affirm some kind of exception, which is also intelligence. Necessarily human life that is without value will also be desperate, which necessarily means that it will be exceptional. And likewise the life that is not desperate will have resources, which have value, and so it is exceptional. And inbetween exceptional and exceptional it will also be exceptional, which shows that it is all-in-all exceptional." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Critique of Metaphysical Culture

"Commitments are properties... After thought is produced the color we have just experienced." ---Nathan Coppedge

"We may as well admit it is possible to make a better rendition that does not concern Socrates." --Nathan Coppedge

"Imagine, there are angry villagers because of perpetual motion. It is not primitive enough for them." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The good theories [of free will] remain: 1. Absolute knowledge. 2. Adjudication of respect. 3. The rationale of likelihood, and: 4. Finding an exception." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Patterns go to heaven." --Nathan Coppedge

"Whenever someone opposes the future of higher systems, it is a fallacy of ham on the side. Unfortunately enough, in these cases it is even ham on the side to explain ham on the side." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Virtual reality is a fallacy of standards." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The clue-club dialectic tends to be involved with the forfeited information fallacy." ---Nathan Coppedge

“Everything is great unless it was not great.” —Nathan Coppedge, Wisdom of the New Ancients

"All you need is movement for an advantage. And all you need is movement and an advantage for further movement." ---Nathan Coppedge

"There must be a huge gap of knowledge between me and the next guy. And that’s what scares me. Not the angry mob, not the scientists, not the pope. The sheer magnitude of intellectual isolation required to think of something new and original." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I am arrogant in the final interpretation." ---Nathan Coppedge

"To be miserable past the ‘20.5th’ dimension you need to have a really good theoretical justification of why/how to be miserable. Thus, most beings in the 21st dimension originate in lower dimensions or have a good or bad theory of how to be 21st dimensional or even higher dimensional—Whence comes the expression that pleasure originates with theory." ---Nathan Coppedge

Monday, January 22, 2018

Is Nathan's Art worth Money?

Previous work has sold for up to a million on occasions (although I never collected anywhere near that much for complicated reasons) --Here depicted "Non-Commissioned Work (1), The Athena, Let's Keep It Up There." Abstract Calligraphy (Hyper-Cubism) by Nathan Coppedge, philosopher artist inventor post

Friday, January 12, 2018

Quotations January 2018

"My impression is Dark Ages are a time of peace of mind and emotional wellbeing. Seriously, it may as well be the American golden age." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Some things work, and some things don’t work, by any real definition. That is morality. And it really IS morality, because a real definition will tell you what is good and bad, once you know what works and what doesn’t work by that definition. If we need more that one definition, there is more than one morality." ---Nathan Coppedge

"If you are thinking of writing an article, I recommend giving perpetual motion some professional treatment. It is hard to say it the right way, because there have been so many con artists and plain bad ideas. These ideas actually have evidence behind them, and they’re simple enough that if you have real hope of knowing how they work in conventional physics, your face should brighten, and you should think I’m going crazy, but then you should think, MAYBE… HE’S RIGHT!"

"Everything is limited by self concept, but self-concept is the ultimate realization." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Nothingness is limited by sensations. Sensations are limited by ideas. Ideas are limited by emotion. Emotion is limited by significance. Each thing achieves its own limit without always fully realizing the limit of what follows. Without any longer weighing the full significance of where it came from."---Nathan Coppedge

"Everyone is God. Everyone is a great idea." ---Nathan Coppedge

“If I were just ugly, they'd steal the idea, if I were just respectable-looking, they'd make up their mind. I'm the very worst person to invent perpetual motion who could actually do it.” --Nathan Coppedge

"It behooves Gödel to make a point he cannot make if he defeats coherence. He cannot defeat an absolute system without being absolute. And, there will be no absolute disproof while offering any kind of evidence." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Unless there is an omniscient God, there is no omnipotent force stopping you. Humans consistently overrate the omniscience of others that would allow them to control you. Human free will is likely extremely limited but real.
If we say the universe is infinite, we are committing a fallacy to say we have no control. For, like a lever's force, there is still significance relative to itself and its own reference in time. The lever's significance is it can distribute force over a greater time interval. The significance of a person is that a person can interact with the immediate environment. Saying that humans must be infinite to have infinite significance is like counting 2 before reaching 2, putting the cart before the horse." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I can see why some people in New Haven are depressed—they are not good writers."
"Success is measured in terms of specific tasks. The tasks are failed up until they succeed, and then a new goal is set. Unfortunately, there is evidence that I am one of the few thinkers who accepts ambitious criteria for philosophy."

"One intuition is that you should improve your awareness of two things: 1. How absolutely flawed human reasoning is, and: 2. The vast potential offered by flawed human reasoning."

"Given this expectation I was remarkably idealistic."

"The door of truth is ajar, But lights flicker, Let us put the argument aside… And live like wise men." The (Authentic) Apology

"True in many ways absolutely, or true by emotion only? Then the only link is emotional if one's judgment is not yet absolute."

"The future is open it seems… For disappointment and fulfilling deceit. I made the most of my mind in its cheat… To deny eternal defeat… To give motions to minds in their dreams… Perpetual motion it seems. Let's see if the judges live up to their fate— To remember the immortal state— To give birth to the land of dreams— And continue the way that it seems…"

"As far as mathematical proof of any of this, I'm not sure math is the right approach, as math solutions may be a way of creating an arbitrary problem out of an arbitrary solution, which is a fallacy, as in that case the definition of the solution must come partly from the definition of the problem, as the problem is arbitrary, and so we are in that case assuming the consequent so long as we define the problem first if it is arbitrary. Math is arbitrarily absolutely a problem until it is defined as a non-arbitrary solution to relativism. So one solution is to begin with non-arbitrary solutions to relativism."

"Soul of Intelligence: The god of stupidity has full power to be lacking in divinity."
"Nathan Logos: Tetra He Draown (Hyper-Cubism)"

"After all, there is an argument that death is timeless, so it must be made ideal." ---Nathan Coppedge

"There just aren’t many good options, or we would be swimming in them." ---Nathan Coppedge

"You may never believe this, but the information hypothesis is less important than perpetual motion." ---Nathan Coppedge

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Quotes December 2017

"This philosophy, which is completely generalistic, results in a high degree of significant specializations, which would ultimately be treated more like a dimension of virtual paradise to be experienced and enjoyed than as a career path that is the subject of a miserable thesis."

---Nathan Coppedge

However, if the alternative to contradiction is physics, then there is no way to contradict the physical universe, and so the universe would be a perpetual motion machine. But if this physics were a contradiction, it could only produce smaller perpetual motion machines, since the universe exists, and eternity is measured in perpetual motion machines, and insofar as eternity is measured perpetual motion is physical.

---Nathan Coppedge

"By all accounts I lived one of the most miserable, infinitely significant lives, and there is not much evidence I will be remembered if I die. My plan is to be immortal, so people eventually get the message that I have special importance. Maybe if I'm a god they will understand my selfless mission to create perpetual motion and solve the ultimate problems of philosophy." ---Nathan Coppedge, message potentially addressed to someone who experiences eidetic visions

"Life has ideas! Life can afford understanding! Understanding is a meaningful experience! Life is worth living! Live the life that acquires worthwhile experiences." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Creativity may not be easy, but it does not necessarily require mastery." ---Nathan Coppedge

"A good scientific theory is reasonable and falsifiable. A good philosophical theory is useful and exclusive. Exclusive here means that if there are alternatives they are accounted for, or the theory is considered logically corrupt." ---Nathan Coppedge

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