Friday, November 22, 2019

Soul Saves

Monday, November 18, 2019

Divine Inspiration of the Unified Synthesis

When I first wrote a document called the Unified Synthesis a few years before the TOE, I was told by a silent voice that it wasn't the real thing (yet).

Here I describe the beginning at least of what I take to be the real thing, which was an unformed inspiration for the Theory of Everything.

This may be somewhat hard to grasp even compared to the T.O.E., but it is one of the only ways to 'protologize' or more fundamentally, alternately analyze the T.O.E. without referring to very specific applications.

First, you develop an ability to objectively synthesize experience, which is to say, communicate the essence of experience objectively. We call this objective synthization.

Next, we have a more analytic 'unifying ability' which acts previously and separately. This is the ability to synthesize all relevant information content separately but in conjunction with experience, in this case as though with the Programmable Heuristics.

When we have the synthization and the unification together, with the synthization considered first but the unification 'written' first, then we reach the beginning of the true Unified Synthesis.

However, even at this point it must be acknowledged that it is only being considered analytically, and the true form of the ability must be rather rare, in a similar way to the way thinking about  enlightenment is far more common than actually achieving it in an unqualified fashion.

Inspiration for The Theory of Everything

The Magic Concept Pyramid

1. Exponential Efficiency

1. Coherentism (Knowledge, Unification), 2. Natural Momentum, Perpetual motion, Immortality (Time, Animation, Reproduction, Health, Perfection).

1. Absoluteness (Reality), 2. Over-Unity (Meta, Energy), 3. Universe, Greatness.


Theory of Mechanisms

Mechanical Mechanisms:

Dimension = mechanisms + distance

Temporal Mechanisms:

Flux = energy + time

Computational Mechanisms:

Computation = results + time

Electrical Mechanisms

Electricity = variation in current

Deception Mechanisms:

Deception = information + distortion

Destructive Mechanisms:

Destruction = target + damage

Relevant Mechanisms:

Relevance = (Meta - Form) / Power

Cognitive Mechanisms:

Cognition = Disagreement + Imperfection + Smallness + Riddles

Reality Mechanisms

Reality = (Anything /= Stupid)

excluded from major editions:
Dimensions of intelligence:

(1) The Sphinx: Big perfect things die.
(2) Lack of Significance: There are big disagreements about big miserable problems.
(3) Ugliness: There is perfect disagreement about cute dilemmas.
(4) Internal Conflict: Everyone can agree when it comes to flaws, little things, and Sphinxian riddles.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Proof Method of Categorical Exclusion

In process, based on:

Formula for Answering All Questions

The formula for answering questions says:

"The answer is formulated by saying the opposite subject of what you are concerned with in the perfect question confirms the object of the question."

This is unhelpful, as it just refers to the question formula:

Coherent Questions

The question formula says:

“The opposite of you related to something different from both your opposite and you.”

Therefore in this case the exclusion would be:

1. The main subject (Cat A).

2. The true polar opposite of main subject or subjectively what the main subject dislikes (Cat C).

3. A guess about what the concern of (1,2) are (Cat B), and if correct:

4. The true polar opposite or thing disliked by (3) = (Cat D).


So, since those four when complete describe the proper ultimate subject and proper ultimate context, a few notes:

* Each may be seen as sufficient because we can elaborate on them individually.
* Else, if they cannot be elaborated, it is impossible to know about them, and since we are adopting no limits on how to acquire data, that means those things that cannot be elaborated cannot wxist, as there is no conceivable way in eternity to even think of information on them.

Thus, the logic of categorically complete meaning 'exclusive' categories is:

1. There is a subject (A).

2. The subject resists something (C)., even if it is nothing.

3. There is a proper context B-D.

4. That context also includes resistance, even if it is nothing.

Insight Into Dolphin Language

Dolphin language Part 2

An empirical language, which is to say it is figurative, interacting with the environment.

In this sense, rhetorical: inflective.

Also, in the sense of water, infinite.

Humble, mystical.

Also, aware of loud noises.

Brain size may be partly a response to pain.

Tool-minimal language, meaning certain tasks may be exaggerated and interesting, like humans have words for travel, dolphins may have sounds for familiar tactile sensations like eating fish or growing daring.

A single inflection may be a situator for other clicks, the louder the click the more 'situating'.

Situating is analogous to the experiences dolohins have.

A common experience may be the bones of a fish, thus structure based on bones and the water surface may develop.

Perhaps narrative or non-localized thinking.

This may implicate awateness of extended environments like the stars or global events.

Also, the traction of sound with the water, and water noises.

Another view is that dolphin language is radically sectarian and aggressive.

Viewing swimming as an aggressive thing can lend insight into their language.

Swimming --> Sectarian --> Regrouping --> Comprehending --> Situating --> Asking --> What is it --> Fish --> Water --> Impossible

It is possible dolphins see omniscience ss one simple click.

Why not? Their brains are big.

With a big enough brain references csn be more sparse.

It may be that dolphin language is a response to their brain.

The dolphin is able to interpret through understanding.

An important concept is the reference network, (which to be simple is like fish).

However, it could also be sounds.

The memory of sounds and fish understood as a reference structure, like eating fish, or thinking about dolphin behavior.