Sunday, December 10, 2017

Quotes December 2017

"This philosophy, which is completely generalistic, results in a high degree of significant specializations, which would ultimately be treated more like a dimension of virtual paradise to be experienced and enjoyed than as a career path that is the subject of a miserable thesis."

---Nathan Coppedge

However, if the alternative to contradiction is physics, then there is no way to contradict the physical universe, and so the universe would be a perpetual motion machine. But if this physics were a contradiction, it could only produce smaller perpetual motion machines, since the universe exists, and eternity is measured in perpetual motion machines, and insofar as eternity is measured perpetual motion is physical.

---Nathan Coppedge

"By all accounts I lived one of the most miserable, infinitely significant lives, and there is not much evidence I will be remembered if I die. My plan is to be immortal, so people eventually get the message that I have special importance. Maybe if I'm a god they will understand my selfless mission to create perpetual motion and solve the ultimate problems of philosophy." ---Nathan Coppedge, message potentially addressed to someone who experiences eidetic visions

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Quotes November 2017

"Would you believe in perpetual motion if you knew my experiment worked? Maybe you would have more reason than before, at least." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Metaphysics is the natural extension of physics for when the laws of physics vary. Metaphysics is the continuum of physical dimensions under all real contingencies, whether accepted or unaccepted by science. However obscure, however interesting." —Nathan Coppedge

"The new version of anti-radicalism is to not believe in its metaphysical possibility, as well as not believing in metaphysics, so that the metaphysical impossibility is impossible-to-be-impossible, and yet, impossible. Which is itself impossible, but does not render the relevant facts impossible." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Why are particles spherical? In effect, the objects are time-traveling. The abbreviation is that things get what they want (like the Law of Attraction), and spherical options are what remains of the beginning of desire. The exceptions (in the gravity well of potential time travel) are things that are fulfilling their desires. The beginnings of an atomic theory of consciousness." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Think of particles as attempted thoughts, or any other remarkable paradigm.
Time travel is part way to true thought." ---Nathan Coppedge

"At first, one might guess they are blaming me for inventing it— But they don’t really think I did…. It might be more accurare to say that they are not blaming me for not inventing it— Isn't that what they do for most people? After all, how can you blame someone for doing something they didn't do? And they don't think I DID invent it (or anyone else?). So… They might be blaming me for not inventing if it were possible at all— They might be messed up in the mind! It is easier and more cogent to say they are blaming me for not inventing it unless I did!!! But they deny this. They say they blame me for inventing it, unless they blame me for not inventing it. Somehow for them, perpetual motion is a blame game. I would rather say, who is the most responsible! Who is most responsible? The one who designs it and the one who builds it, in equal measure!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Philosophy is Liberal Arts. Logic has as much in common with language, aesthetics, and metaphysics as mathematics does with physics, economics, and engineering." ---Nathan Coppedge

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