Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Revised Criteria

A name.

A number, shape, or image.

A significance.

A principled description.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Clever Quotes for When You Are Turning 40 in Chinese Time-Travel Years


I have three more years to mature...

But it's not really maturity...

Maybe I grew up dimensionally...

But not really-actually...

Maybe I should be impossibly mature, possibly young, a little wise, not completely dead...

Infinitely something, never missing...

Did I invent ex-nihilism?

No, that's no problem.

I feel confused, try testing irrelevance.

Picture me as a problem--it's impossible, challenging.

There's nothing left, or something to test.

"Watch what doesn't---It does!".

Mortal and Immortal Understanding

What we call correct understanding of an infinite desire.

Whether it is correct, whether it is desire, and whether it pertains to us defines a mortal life.

If we can pertain, and desire, with correct understanding we find life.

Immortality requires finding death and modifying it.

Deontology of Ignorance

After some time, we are sure to have confusion.

Although, 'know' might be an irrational term.

I suppose then, we could 'know' irrationality.

Though it might not be clear what special knowledge is.

We think it is special.

Then we think it is knowledge.

That is one way to go about it.

Though special knowledge may not be everything special.

So, we seek knowledge.

And, if we find something, we call it knowledge.

At first, nothing seems special.

Then, distinctions. Which are crude numbers.

Then, actions, which are modalities.

Then, categories, which are words.

Then, systems, which are visual organizations of logics.

If we feel correctly of what it is, we call it understanding.

And, understanding of something which has a knowledgeable purpose we call knowledge.

Then ultimate knowledge is only understanding of something which has an ultimate purpose.

If there is no ultimate purpose, there is no ultimate knowledge.

Extension of Dimensional Logic

Semantic absolutes: re-conditioning semantics to mean absolutes qua semantics does not require non-semantic absoluteness, but provides an avenue for considering semantics in a bolder sense. An objective semantic standard may not require excessive ontological commitments.

Pure opposites as striations: if depression can be seen as happy, each set of opposites by this example is a bifold layer, like squaring the circle.

A grand theory as a graphical pattern.

Energy as the next dimension of systems.


The Game of Strategy

Dimensional Logic

The Fundamental Aesthetic Equation

If it is perfect, it can work, otherwise it is not beautiful.

The Game of Strategy

Pieces standing: a coastline elevation.

If guns stick out, broadside---they might speak Chinese.

A row, a series.

A twisted row, a modulus.

The primary strategy, moving forward to fill every niche.

The secondary strategy: sideways paths of different lengths.

There is a sideways path for every edge of an n-agon.

One contingency: logic.

Two contingencies: hyper-logic.

Three contingencies: magic logic.

Four contingencies: singularity.