Friday, May 26, 2017

Increasing Popularity at Academia

175 daily document views for the first time one day recently!

Update: Currently in the Top 0.2% of researchers in the past 30 days!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Link to Quotes from May 2017

Perhaps the birth of the phrase 'standard vignette'

I had been seeking this expression for a long time. This may be my first conscientious usage:

Recent writings you may be missing

Mandate Manifesto of Multifarious Meaning with further links:

"The Index":

Proofs of Everything:

Coherent Philosophy Systems (this is the correct link):

Programmable Heuristics:

The Task for Future Philosophers:

Coherent Proof Theory:

Perpetual motion:

A lot of views recently: Tied with Nietzsche Yesterday on Poemhunter!

Nietzsche: 72 Views Wednesday:

Nathan Coppedge: 72 Views Wednesday:

Also, more recently, 6 days above 60 views / day in a row on Poemhunter. High of over 100.