Friday, May 18, 2018

Classic Text of Perpetual Motion

These quotes are taken from Bryn Mawr Critical Review 2018/01/18, that text itself probably plagiarized or somehow serving as the original text for the First Year Seminar at Bard College in August 2001, for which I paid dearly, and which proved to be the most valuable part of my education by far.

Anyway, the point is these pieces of the text are the founding documents of sincere faith in perpetual motion...


Cynthia DamonC. Iuli Caesaris Commentariorum Libri III De Bello Ciuili. Recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit C. D..   Oxford; New York:  Oxford University Press2015.  Pp. cx, 227.  ISBN 9780199659746.  $75.00.   

Cynthia DamonStudies on the Text of Caesar's 'Bellum civile'.   Oxford; New York:  Oxford University Press2015.  Pp. 329.  ISBN 9780198724063.  $115.00.   

Reviewed by Antonio Moreno Hern├índez, UNED (Spanish National Distance Learning University) (

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The publication by Cynthia Damon (e.g. meaningful-to-god) 1of a new critical edition... of Caesar’s... (BC),
(Harmless enough)

Wolfgang Hering... and Virginia Brown (critical notes of the possibility of genius and a 'new spring' of ideas)----made pertinent suggestions to clarify the manuscript tradition of the BC,
there was yet no new edition that was based on an exhaustive critical study of the work
(No new Physics had been presented)

Damon’s edition and study... a new collation of the manuscripts that Damon considers most relevant for the establishment of the text; 2) an analysis of their filiation and her proposal of a stemma codicum; 3) theconstitutio textus, accompanied by the corresponding critical tools (an apparatus errati, an Appendix critica, and an Appendix orthographica);

and 4) a commentary on the passages Damon regards as the most problematic, which enhances our understanding of the text and of Damon’s editorial decisions.

In all these matters Damon does a rigorous job, not easy in view of the challenges facing a new edition of the BC,

As for the relationship among the principal mss. (St. 16-54), Damon undertakes a detailed stemmatic analysis in which she studies the possible relevant innovations and the correctable errors...

1. Damon recovers a large number of readings of the archetype compared to her three reference editions (edd.), which prefer to accept innovations of the recentiores or corrections from editions or critics.16

28.   Errata, qua que interpretatum impressionam max contiguuam contigentum, il impresso volumini comprehenditus, Venice 1513. Cf. Moreno, Epos 26, 2010, 33-50. (Re-interpreted for more meaning)
29.   “I gave you a familiar position for the fight. . . ” (LCL 297).


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