Saturday, March 10, 2018

Uniquely Perpetual Motion Quotes

Assorted quotes giving the feeling of perpetual motion…
“Down… up… down… part of it goes up—So its more efficient than a wheel. Its more useful than a clock, but nobody's catching on.” —Nathan Coppedge
"All you need is movement for an advantage. And all you need is movement and an advantage for further movement." —Nathan Coppedge
“It may sometimes be a big hurdle, but you may begin to believe me, and for good reason.” —Nathan Coppedge
“If I were just ugly, they'd steal the idea, if I were just respectable-looking, they'd make up their mind. I'm the very worst person to invent perpetual motion who could actually do it.” —Nathan Coppedge
“If you are thinking of writing an article, I recommend giving perpetual motion some professional treatment. It is hard to say it the right way, because there have been so many con artists and plain bad ideas. These ideas actually have evidence behind them, and they’re simple enough that if you have real hope of knowing how they work in conventional physics, your face should brighten, and you should think I’m going crazy, but then you should think, MAYBE… HE’S RIGHT!” —Nathan Coppedge
“When Nathan the insane lifts his little stubby hand, watch out! It is like the gambit of mathematics. Someone who did poorly on math in elementary school!” —Nathan Coppedge
“There’s solid evidence he invented perpetual motion in 2006. Unfortunately, the only evidence I have against Nathan Coppedge is he's not a genius.” —Reidar Finsrud (?)
“ok so publish and let someone else verify… someone articulate and educated..” —Bob Smurdly
“Everyone believes in God, the devil, or a sneaky engineer…” —Nathan Coppedge
“Say, you talk about pulling something up an inclined plane with an equal weight. You're right. This is possible. And not at all a violation of conservation of energy.” —Ian Switzer, CEO of a Cornell engineering company
"Would you believe in perpetual motion if you knew my experiment worked? Maybe you would have more reason than before, at least." ---Nathan Coppedge
“I need more news from the dollar sign people!” —Nathan Coppedge
"At first, one might guess they are blaming me for inventing it— But they don’t really think I did…. It might be more accurare to say that they are not blaming me for not inventing it— Isn't that what they do for most people? After all, how can you blame someone for doing something they didn't do? And they don't think I DID invent it (or anyone else?). So… They might be blaming me for not inventing if it were possible at all— They might be messed up in the mind! It is easier and more cogent to say they are blaming me for not inventing it unless I did!!! But they deny this. They say they blame me for inventing it, unless they blame me for not inventing it. Somehow for them, perpetual motion is a blame game. I would rather say, who is the most responsible! Who is most responsible? The one who designs it and the one who builds it, in equal measure!" ---Nathan Coppedge
“I didn't say trust me: I'm playing fire and forget… No one's going to get a better deal than perpetual motion that's free to develop.” —Nathan Coppedge
“I'm just hoping someone develops it. Fame and a small royalty and / or prize might be my reward.” —Nathan Coppedge
“It is a VERY clever device, using VERY simple physics.” —-Nathan Coppedge
“I get the feeling that you’re giving up because there’s hope.” —Nathan Coppedge
“Wake up and smell the coffee, if that’s what you need to smell.” —-Nathan Coppedge
“I'm not just feeling fast, I'm feeling wonderful.” —Nathan Coppedge

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