Saturday, March 10, 2018

Social Science: The Counter-Calculus

(Prescript: Before there were idiots it was all malarky… Know all the alternatives, climb the magic steps).
I know it will be cold tomorrow, because I'm not going to wear my coat. It happens my coat is enchanted with warm weather.
Sometimes pessimism is the best theory of optimism, because it creates awareness and raises the standard.
We progress when we think of the alternatives. How were we ever right? Well, through our degree of being concerned.
We may have moved on, but it is all necessary.
We can create necessity, for it defines proof.
A higher proof defies necessity.
Back to our roots, magical reasoning.
There is ‘something in there’, for I do not comprehend.
I may as well be an expert, to limit my options.
I should seek sacrosancts, because they have formility!
Calculus is really a forge of concepts.
Little more, that is what we are looking for!
Amalgamated feeling!
Grimacing gnomes!
Meaningful attractions!
Mechanical speed!
Divine information!
Philosophical problemation!
Composit samplification!
Exponential effication!
Significant vivification!
Conceptual animation!
(I reached this in Feb 2018)

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