Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunday the 19th of February I was almost held hostage

The location was the Starbucks near the headquarters for Skull & Bones:

I have been advertising that my art is worth more than a million dollars, even though it has never been appraised for more than $5 literally, and sold for a million only once, usually for less than $500 (not 500K, not even $5K, but sometimes literally five hundred dollars or usually more like three hundred, and sometimes I give away my work for free, even though one time I did sell for a million and gave the money back because I thought it was a loan).

Well, I was using my laptop in Starbucks when I heard the voice of a man off to my left.

The odd thing was, he said something threatening about plastic surgery, and then said he would kill me if I didn't "get in the van."

However, he said it so inaudibly, that because I hallucinate sometimes, I couldn't be sure he was there. I was too terrified to look him in the face.

A young woman said something about how threats weren't allowed in Starbucks.

Then I think a Starbucks staff member came over and said New Haven is police central, and if he did anything threatening whatsoever he's be dead in a minute.

No one ever talked to me, and I didn't look up from my laptop for several hours, so I was never quite sure that it happened.

But I did remember hearing two or three guys talking about abducting me one time when I got off the bus near the New Haven library. I thought about telling the police, but decided not to, because my mother always thinks I'm delusional.

My guess is the guy was arrested and tried to call his cronies at the tapped phone at the police department. If I'm psychic does that make me wrong? If I think about it does that mean nothing happened? Is this why you have to be in an 'in circle' to think my art is worth a million dollars?

Update: Starbucks has no record that anything illegal took place, so either they didn't hear what the guy was saying, or what happened was a delusion.

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