Friday, January 6, 2017

Two movements I may have helped found now have thousands of followers!

I may have started the keywords on for:

Critical Realism, 6,685 Followers

Neoclassical Realism, 2,947 Followers.

However, these statistics do not reflect in my own work, suggesting that others' writings were considered primary for both movements.

Apparently, however, I managed to found many movements such as these just be submitting keywords.

I will think of two more now and check to see if they are there:

Analytic Realism,


Neoclassical Metaphysics

It turns out, neither of those are there.

I won't add them, and see how they do!

(Other spellings 'analytical realism' and 'neo-classical metaphysics' also weren't there, in case you're wondering).

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