Monday, January 2, 2017

Quotes Early January 2017

"Knowledge really IS structural, but only in a post-historical way." ---Nathan Coppedge, Stoned Ape Theory

"Basically, the implication is that there are many functional objects (e.g. symbolic objects), and some functions are TOTALS." --Nathan Coppedge, What I Call Fermat

"If I drowned in my shadow it would save me... If I lived I would only appear more drowned." ---Nathan Coppedge

"When knowledge does not function as a universal, does not have relevance, or does not serve as an explanation, it is false knowledge." ---Nathan Coppedge

"My theory is the intellectual part of socialization is the tough part (for both humans and A.I.)" --Nathan Coppedge

"Nothing is quite the same as the earth where wisdom cries..." ---Nathan Coppedge's edition of Xenophanes

"Something of the thought remains in a form..." ---Nathan Coppedge's edition of Pythagoras

"The immortal is made up of that which came to be, followed by that which is, and shall remain eternal." ---Nathan Coppedge's edition of Anaximander

"While some things are infinite, what is definite takes the form of air." ---Nathan Coppedge's edition of Anaximenes

"The principle is the apparent effect of the thing, and it is what makes it plentiful." ---Nathan Coppedge's edition of Thales

"The next level is the hyperbolic, which, if we reach it will grant us access to truly abstract mathematics." ---Nathan Coppedge's edition of Edmund Scarpa

"Rumismatist" ---Nathan Coppedge's idea of a world leader

"The stars are weak; the years are rulers; one must make a form beyond desire." ---Nathan Coppedge, on the theme of Platonism and detecting my brain.

"The obvious similarity between these figures is the logic component. Another aspect is the structural process or index component. Another aspect is pushing the boundary of innovation within a defined area. Another component is having a trump card like Democracy, Programming, or Time Travel. There is also an element of creativity and value judgement." ---Nathan Coppedge, on Coppedgean Intelligence

"It is possible to have an information experience by identifying with others' time without having consciousness." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The wisdom of the fourth dimension is to preserve the third, while the magic of the fourth dimension might cause pain to the third. Causing pain limits the imagination of the fourth dimension, and perpetuating the third might limit 4-d consciousness, and yet magic. That is the crux of the 4th dimension. Everything from nothing, even with history."

"I was not claiming I had evidence in the unthinking sense of borrowed sources and constructed probabilities. Probability tells us nothing substantial about our sources, and we cannot have any idea that rests on a prior source without merely reproducing it. Every source should stand on its own authority. Formal considerations may be relevant (clarity, coherence) but the original rule stands." ---Nathan Coppedge

"As of early 2017, psychological and political hurdles remain (to perpetual motion)... perceived foolishness, loss of dignity, fear of avenging angels, fear of the devil, fear of political unrest, and fear of the loss of monopalies...." ---Nathan Coppedge

"It's almost as if future education could be summarized by Model, Media, Modal, and Meta Studies." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Assuming these systems are highly-qualified, I have now achieved three quarters of knowledge in two degrees." ---Nathan Coppedge, 2017/01/09 just before midnight

"The universe we came from is often different than the universe we're going to, although it's all technically the same universe. So, our history makes our position in the universe fairly unique (as unique as history)." ---Nathan Coppedge

"While we have brains, every idea is a little bit true. Now the question is not Is time travel possible, but is an adequate idea possible." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The four childhood ways to the good: 1. To learn imperatives. 2. To value philosophy. 3. To be a community builder. 4. To have the answer to life." ---Nathan Coppedge

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