Friday, January 13, 2017

Possible Resolution of the Right-Brain, Left-Brain Controversy (Which Every Mathematician Should Know!)

Truly exceptional artists are often right-Brained.

Mathematicians are often left-brained.

In fact, most people are left-brained whether they are mathematicians or not.

Many artists are not in fact right-brained, because they are not particularly smart.

They need to master their left brain before they become right-brained.

Some other categories of artist such as musician and computer-aided design people may actually be left-brain dominant, or split between right and left.

Brain dominance is generally the opposite of your handedness.

Left-handed people tend to be at least a little bit exceptional.

Ambidextrous people at this moment in history tend to have larger or slightly more complex brains than average.

Right-brain people are exceptional when they are mathematicians and musicians.

That's my sense of it for now!

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