Friday, January 20, 2017

My Time-Travel Experience May be Turned Into a Movie!

The only thing is, I vaguely remember someone saying at some point (possibly to my Dad) that "he's stupid enough" and then I may have drank something on the scene of a movie set, so possibly I was drugged. Maybe my Dad agreed to include me in the movie because I'm mentally ill.

Someone did claim they were Jesus---it was a lot like someone who called themselves the devil in one of my prior lives. I might be okay with that if I'm not hurt. But there were other occasions that really seemed like time travel without drugs, like the time I was on an airplane and woke up to find my brother had a different haircut and looked younger.

It is also true that that book contains the same photo, although whether the book was published in 1974 is less clear. It seems to be a print-on-demand book that has had later editions. The book does claim at least that the photo is from 1917, and doesn't mention time-travel.

You can trust at least that I'm not in cahoots with them.

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