Saturday, January 14, 2017

Coherent Laws of Physics

This has been posted on my primary blog at Quora for awhile. Anyway, I thought I'd post it here, since it has not been getting as much traction as I would like... Remember you can find links to both blogs, as well as many other materials by simply searching Google for 'nathancoppedge . com'


Relative absoluteness.

There are many functional objects, but some functions are TOTALS.

What is not a law, or chaos, or desired, or explained, is nothing.

Motion has a choice between choice and purpose. Motion without purpose is immortal.

Computation has a choice between conflict and universalism. The realization of computation is completeness.

What is absolutely neutral must be universal.

Zero is universal computation.

Exceptions define hierarchies.

Where exceptions apply, absolute complexity is defined by a law of non-existence.

Relativity of zero creates reality. Everything that can't not be relative creates reality.

Knowledge really IS structural, but only in a post-historical way.

When knowledge does not serve as a universal, does not have relevance, or does not serve as an explanation, it is false knowledge.

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