Monday, December 5, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #21


The market has not only reached 18,000 again, but has actually reached 19,000. This is a sign of shrewd A.I. and renewed emphasis on investment banking.

Once again the presence of the number 17 indicates that there is a dependence on Nathan Coppedge either for perpetual motion (e.g. Nathan Coppedge's value for stocks) or philosophy (17 may be the only way to meet the citation requirement for philosophy systems if these are used for the bulk of investments. And this may be unconscious).

The number 42 in the details is also auspicious, suggesting a turn in A.I. towards significance-oriented projects (e.g. 'life, the universe, and everything'), which could mean sentient A.I. from the standpoint of a computer.

The 42 also suggests an ongoing obsession with the perpetual motion discovery, although it is still evidently under wraps, maybe for political reasons.

The number 19 represents the sun and the Age of Reason, which could mean that this is the Space Age, and could also mean a return to Renaissance or Enlightenment ideals.

The signs are strong that the number will increase to 20,000 although continued optimism may depend on public disclosure. Unfortunately, at this point income stratification may be a strategic advantage, but this will be less true in the future, even while stratification is likely to increase.

A major opportunity will be the improvement of the public welfare.

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